Panasonic GH4 4k Mirrorless Digital Camera
Two Bolex Reflex 16mm Cameras
Ricoh GRii CMOS Digital
Canon Rebel 2000 35mm
Polaroid Macro 5 Spectra
Leica 'Leicine' Super 8
Polaroid 600

Contemporary and Vintage lenses of a wide variety of focal lengths for both digital and film bodies
Olympus Zuiko 21mm f 3.5, 35mm f 2.8, 50mm f 1.8
Super-Takumar 50mm f 1.4, 85mm f 1.9
Sigma 28mm f 2.8
Metabones Speedbooster EOS-M4/3
& more

Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, Audition, Photoshop, Bridge, Spark, Illustrator & After Effects
DaVinci Resolve
FL Studio

Film and Photo Accessories:
Manfrotto Fluid Head tripod for still and video, Film City shoulder mount rig with cage and follow focus, Steadicam, 42" 5 in 1 Reflector,  10 Stop Neutral Density Filter, vintage analog filters for fun vintage looks & much more

Audio Accessories:
Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone, Sennheiser Dynamic Microphone, Zoom H5 Stereorecorder, Scarlet 2i2 Direct Audio Interface, Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 S2 Electric Guitar, Martin D12x1ae 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Fender Jaguar SS Bass, Blackstar HT1R Tube Amplifier, , Korg Midi Interface, Travel Guitar Ultra Light Electric Guitar, & many guitar effects and pedals
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